Michigan Dialysis Research and Education (MiDRE)
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Contact & organization information

Contact information

Michigan Dialysis Research and Education, Inc – a non for profit entity
  • Marc Webb, MD, President and Director
  • Ronda Seley, Executive Administrator and Corporate Treasurer
  • John Rickel, JD, Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel
  • Michelle Ledford, Certified Public Accountant

Shipping and appointments

Beacon Square Office Building
21701 W. 11 Mile Road, Suite #4
Southfield, MI 48076
Office phone – 248-355-1330



Standard mail

PO Box 510444
Livonia, MI, 48151

Organization and Administration

MiDRE (Michigan Dialysis Research and Education) is listed as a non-profit organization in the State of Michigan and federally. It is currently housed in a separate space within the Michigan Vascular Access, PC offices, and is currently applying for federal tax exempt status. All receipts and payments are handled through a separate MiDRE account, and all staff hours related to MiDRE efforts are recorded and paid separate from Michigan Vascular Access, PC activities.


Dr. Webb will serve as an unpaid director, with part-time staff to include Ronda Seley as Administrative Manager, Ramsis Georgi as Outreach Coordinator, and Tina R. as Research Assistant.

Documentation and reporting

Documentation of activities including comprehensive dialysis unit visit information, list of talks by Dr. Webb, and any publications will be maintained by the Administrative manager, along with work-hour information of the employees.

Statutory yearly reporting and filing for the non-profit corporation will be coordinated by the MiDRE Administrative Manager, along with the law firm of Rickel and Baum, PC, Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and the accounting firm of AMDG Business Services, Plymouth, Michigan.


This effort is initially funded by a loan from Michigan Vascular Access, PC, but it is hoped and expected that these efforts will be supported by grants provided from various sources.