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The Surgeonís Prayer

"The Surgeonís Prayer" was written by Dr. Webb during a period of soul searching, as he prepared to leave a high-powered career in liver and intestinal transplant surgery as a member of a prestigious group of surgeons at the University of Miami, for a considerably more humble calling in general surgery in the country.

Eventually, after three years in a small farming community in Illinois, he was called back to Detroit to assume a leadership role in Henry Ford Hospitalís Division of Vascular Access Surgery.

The thoughts contained in "The Surgeonís Prayer" continue to guide Dr. Webb as he continues to care for patients and their families.

Dr. Webb continues to find purpose in being one human being caring for another human being.

Oh Lord
We come to you in humility for guidance:
Guide our hearts and minds to make decisions for ourselves and our loved ones that we will be able to look back on without regret;
Give the physician insight into our problems and needs so that he may help us;
Guide the surgeon as he prepares to conduct this patient through the operation and its risks;
Grant that the patientís recovery will be swift, and that a joyous, meaningful life will be restored.
Help us understand that we need each other:
The doctor needs to care for the patient to fulfill his purpose
The minister needs his ministry
The person with problems needs help and support.
We are here for each other
Help us remember that all the miracles that we can do are only a small candle compared to the miracle of life you have created, and that our will is nothing compared to your will.
Finally, Thank you, Oh Lord, for our faith, for our families, and for our friends, who all together help us face the trials of our lives and give our lives meaning. Give to us the grace to accept your will.